Snuggy Beansprout Husk Pillow

Our mission at Krftd is to provide a safe, quality handcrafted product to aid in the comfort and sleep of infants and toddlers, resulting in contented, happy children and peace of mind for the parents.

Research suggests that just an hour after birth, a newborn can locate mother’s breasts by sense of smell. In addition to bringing comfort and reassurance, the sense of smell is one of the first things that bonds a baby to its parents.

Combining our mission with science, Krftd’s Snuggy Pillow brings comfort, as the scent of the mother is the best assurance for the baby. The Snuggy Pillow, when infused with the mother’s scent comforts the baby, improving sleep, aiding in bonding and soothing distress. Placed over the chest and tummy area, a Snuggy Pillow will provide the baby with a sense of comfort and security by simulating the touch of a hand.Our Snuggy Pillows are made with soft breathable, 100% organic cotton from the USA and kind on baby’s delicate skin. They are filled with natural bean sprout husks that go through a stringent 5-step sanitization process. We strongly believe that infants should not be exposed to potentially harmful toxins that exist in micro beads or latex foam that may contain phthalates linked to health problems.

Our Snuggy Pillow is EN-71 safety certified, giving greater assurance to parents; this means that our product is not only hygienic and flame retardant, but durable against curious baby’s prodding fingers.

For best results, we recommend that the mother should sleep with the soft Snuggy pillow for a few nights prior to giving the pillow to the baby also known as "scenting".


  • Always ensure that the Snuggy pillow is kept away from baby’s face and does not cover his/her mouth and nose when used.
  • Never leave babies unsupervised under the age of 12 months sleeping with the Snuggy pillow (or any other loose object) in the crib.

Krftd and its distributers/retailers will not be responsible for any unfortunate incidents that may arise from the misuse of this product.

The Snuggy is proudly handcrafted in Singapore. Customization and Monogram options are also available. Contact us at for this option.